Help for exteriors

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Wow!  It is the season for exteriors and ColorGenie is busy all over town.  Hooray for brave people, conquering the 90’s taupes, and adding colorful doors!  This fall I’ve done doors in orange, teal, pale yellow, bright yellow, pale blue and turquoise!  YES.  In my world, here are the most commonly overlooked factors in deciding exterior colors:

1.  The Roof. Every roof has a hint of some color.  Shingles, metal and Spanish tile vary crazily in shades.  Brown, blue, gray.  Use the roof color carefully, or a complement.

2. Neighboring houses.  Especially if you see them from your yard.  You will appreciate a little continuity if you spend a lot of time out there.

3.  The danger of online colors.  Choosing interior colors from blogs or Pinterest can work if the light happens to be right on your monitor and in your room.  Choosing exterior colors from photos of interiors is a big mistake.  Which leads me to the next:

4.  Light.  Paint colors wash out in the sunlight.  Then in the shade, they suddenly look intense.  Paint your color in the sun and shade and observe it at least 24 hours at different times of day.  Yes, it will look different at different times.  That’s okay.  What you are watching for is a major shift in hue.

5.  Fickle White Trim.  It can get very white very fast!  Choose a white that doesn’t reflect a lot of light from the paint chip.

6.  White Trim, Still Fickle.  A hint of color in that white will be blazing on the house.  Look at the white-only fan deck and stay away from the extremes.

7.  Foliage.  Step back across the street and view your complete lot as a charming landscape painting.  What color would you put on that house in that composition?   Probably not a blue/gray that fights with the green/gray of your Live Oaks.  Take a photo and analyze it as though it were a work of art.   It is!


Before: Great stone and a wonderful door behind that screen, waiting to be free…


Hello cool door! Hello limestone! Where ya been?

I know, right?