Moving to Texas and brightening up!

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The new place before ColorGenie, drab walls and ceiling

The new place in Texas just waiting for some love. New construction, drab walls and ceiling, calling for warmth.

And, here are two views of the client’s FURNITURE at the OLD place:

Furniture in the old house.  1806935_2_2

Client’s wish: “Can it be classic, elegant and FUN, without buying new furniture?”  Yes! It’s amazing what paint can do. Read on.

Below:  Ta Daaah.  The new place, with ColorGenie custom paint choices.  Yes, it’s the same sofa and chair, the same rug.  With new paint, and a few yards of fabric for cushions, it all came together, fresh and new.  Also, a remix of art and accents revived the old stuff.











Now, the adjoining dining…Here’s the Before, furniture at the old house:

Before, dining in the old place

Dining after

After.  With a request to keep the unique chairs, we found more fun fabric for the dining chair cushions.  We chose a coordinating pink and orange tweed for the Parsons Chairs (because shouldn’t all tweed be pink and orange?) They can be used at the dining table as well as the living

Happy Homeowner.  No major purchases.  Moving CAN be fun!


Old Pink Master Bedroom


New Blue Master, with a beloved remixed chair. (And my favorite lamp..)











How did we do it long distance?  As pictured below, I painted large boards for the client to work with, and emailed some photo recommendations. When they came for closing, we confirmed it all.  And to make it even EASIER, ColorGenie supervised all the work.  Happy transition.  Welcome to Texas!