Showing Off a Collection

Sometimes a client has a collection that is begging for a wonderful background color. For instance, how about classic albums? This client and I found a wonderful cantaloupe color┬áhiding among his treasures…

Lots of brights pick from here, thank you Cream.

Lots of bright colors to pick from here.
(Thank you Cream.)

But even what appears to be sepia on this classic Miles cover, has a beautiful orange undertone.

But even the sepia on this Miles cover, has a beautiful orange undertone

Transforming a seldom-used Dining Room into a fun orange Music Room — now their favorite space in the house.

This homeowner had beloved Mexican Retablo paintings scattered around the house


We brought them all together and added a striking blue background.DSCN1233

When we find treasures sprinkled throughout the house, we can bring them together for colorful impact that shows off who you are!