About a consult

At our appointment, let’s keep it low key and talk about what you love. We’ll look at what you already have and find the color to bring it all together. If you are deliberating about paint color, we can zero in on what will work best. My joy lies in finding what you want, not what I want. Also, each consult for paint colors includes a personal custom palette of colors for you to keep.  Schedule here

What do we do at an appointment?

You give me a brief tour of the space and give me your visions, if any.  After some Q and A, we’ll arrive at a general plan.  I’ll then take a few minutes to come up with specific paint options.  When we reconvene and make final selections, working solutions are narrowed down for you so that you can enjoy “the fun part” of choosing colors.

On what kinds of things do you consult?

Surface choices: I provide guidance on your choices of paint, as well as other surfaces (tile, carpet, etc).  Paint colors are my specialty.  I am educated in all the nuances of paint colors and how they “behave”.    And some are more well-behaved than others!

Re-Mix:  Rearranging and repurposing.  Using what you already have, finding new uses for things that are nearly forgotten — I love this.  Often, in choosing paint and surface colors, the homeowner and I begin moving their possessions around to create new accents.  Saving money AND renewing your space.

Do you consult on exteriors?

Love them!  As long as we have daylight and the weather cooperates, let’s do it.

Why aren’t your “After” photos staged?

My strength is choosing backdrops for what you have.  For a complete redesign including new floor plans, moving walls, purchasing custom furniture, I will refer you to some amazing full-scale designers.  My photos show that the homeowner and I chose new backdrops for their regular daily life.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time getting a full-blown design plan and buying new stuff.

Neither do I.  I don’t consult on structural changes or buy custom furniture.  I’m happy to recommend  amazing designers who work in those realms.   I work on room color schemes that go with what you have.

But I like Neutrals

Me too.  Neutrals are the most complicated type of colors to choose.  Most have more than one undertone, and I can help you sort through the thousands of choices that will blend seamlessly with what you have.   There’s:  beige, buff, sand, khaki, mushroom, latte, jicama, buff, tan, bark, moss, cork, ginger, moonlight, cotton, wicker, desert, maple, almond, stone, parchment, willow, cement…see what I mean?

Do you take E-Clients ?


Although we used to do long-distance consults in years past, this service is no longer available.