happy clients

“This project is so much more enjoyable because of your input.  It’s amazing how much better I feel about the house since you added your genius arranging!”  – E.F.  (Lakeway)

“I don’t think I could make these paint decisions without killing my spouse.  Genie makes it fun and easy and helps you stay married.”   -J.L.  (South Austin)

“We so enjoyed your visit and your advice was great.  By Saturday we were painting and by Saturday evening the room was looking great.  I will recommend you to anyone I know having paint issues.”  -R.S.  (South Austin)

“Thanks for making our appointment go so well. You were just lovely. You gave me some much needed confidence in this project.” -J.M. (Bee Cave)

“Thanks again for the inspiration.  I have been looking around the house today and wondering why we haven’t used more of that color since it’s our absolute favorite.  It’s never seemed like an option for our home until now.  Bits are going to be popping up all around us and spreading the HAPPY.”   -C.Z.  (South Austin)

“Our daughter loves it!  Thanks for all of your work — it looks beautiful!”   -M.G  (South Austin)

“Now when I walk into my room I am so happy.  It used to be so depressing!”     -G.L.  (North Austin)

“You really GET me.” – M.T. (Westlake)

“I just put the paint that you recommended on the wall and it looks like a million bucks!” -M.H.  (South Austin)

“Thanks again.  It was so much fun!” -S.S.  (Dripping Springs)

“I am feeling super confident now.  Flat out the best bucks I’ve ever paid in my life!”  L.K.  (South Austin)

“Thanks for all your encouragement, and thank you for rescuing me!”  -E.F. (Dallas)

“We were delighted to meet you yesterday and we’re most grateful for all your advice.  Thanks for helping us to make the brave decision to go with the turquoise door.  I can’t wait to see it complete!”    -S.Z.   (South Austin)

“Honestly, you saved me from a nervous breakdown” – J.J.  (Westlake)

“You are calming for us.”  -M.P (Central Austin)

“It’s so helpful.  And, you’re just so fun to learn from.”  -D.M. (Austin)

“Thank you for the help. It was really fun choosing colors with you.” – M.G. (West Austin)

“I’m sleeping better!”    -J.Y.   (Hyde Park)