ColorGenie Color Consulting

Rating: 5 (21 reviews)

Nancy A. (02/16/18)

Rating: 5 Nancy A.

I used Genie to help me select the paint colors for the interior of a home we had purchased. We were repainting the entire interior and choosing the paint... (more)

Mike A. (01/20/17)

Rating: 5 Mike A.

I'm not very color savy, in fact I'm very intimidated at the thought of picking colors for a ceiling and walls in a 2400 SF home..... with many different... (more)

Lisa S. (09/28/16)

Rating: 5 Lisa S.

The exterior of my newly purchased 1978ish, Brady Bunch style house was painted entirely in aqua blue! Yuck. Genie helped me pick new exterior house paint... (more)