ColorGenie Color Consulting

Rating: 5 (20 reviews)

Mike A. (01/20/17)

Rating: 5 Mike A.

I'm not very color savy, in fact I'm very intimidated at the thought of picking colors for a ceiling and walls in a 2400 SF home..... with many different... (more)

Lisa S. (09/28/16)

Rating: 5 Lisa S.

The exterior of my newly purchased 1978ish, Brady Bunch style house was painted entirely in aqua blue! Yuck. Genie helped me pick new exterior house paint... (more)

Kashlyn C. (05/30/16)

Rating: 5 Kashlyn C.

Genie is awesome! She took all the stress away. My husband really doubted that I would be the one picking the colors. He was wrong. Genie guided me based on... (more)